Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'm watching Julie & Julia, which inspired me to update my blog. For once.

New look, new post, I'm on a freaking ROLL! ^_^

So yeah. Gotta love those sudden inspirations that aren't going to last, but are fun to jump on anyways! So yeah, my little trek as a freelance writer is working. I got to meet with the local newspaper editor...who hasn't called me back yet. Oh well, in one week, I'll call him...after a trek to New Mexico.

Today, I want to feature a lovely online project for you all to read.

On, there is an author known as S. M. Johnston, who wrote a lovely novel called Mischa, which should definitely be published. I suggest that you read it at the following link:

I also have a book on Inkpop- the link is on the sidebar, in case you're interested.

I'll also feature on AND offline writers from now on: each Saturday, my read of the week will be posted.

So, until next time, Adieu!


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