Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mon Ami!

Mon ami, mon ami!

What is it with me using French lately? I don't even speak the language! (I speak Spanish- not well, but I speak it.)

Right now I'm kind of bored. I'm thinking about politics, but I decided to skirt that for awhile on this blog, so no going in depth there. They give me a headache. For the record, I'm an extreme CONSERVATIVE. Which seems to be a rarity among authors and the artistic types.

As for writing...

I started to work on a short story/novella series called the Erica Runner series about a hyped-up, lackadaisical detective with an odd sense of humor. Oh gosh, I'm awful at writing mysteries, but I just love the character SO dang much.

I've learned alot of things about writing them recently, however, such as:

1. Set up your clues and red herrings before starting to write.
2. Work backwards when setting up murder.
3. If you don't use an outline, you'll write yourself into a box. *experience speaking*

Any other advice? For now, I'm working on introducing her to the story. She's not a part of the police force, so I'm trying to introduce her to the mystery.

Right now she's at the crime scene, annoying the autopsy tech, when she figures out who the unidentifiable body belongs to...and gets enstated as a police consultant by the chief over the phone. I'm not sure I like it, but it's what I've got for now.

So yeah.

Until next time....Arreviderchi!


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