Thursday, December 31, 2009

What is it with me and creative titles?

I've been having issues with that alot lately. Titles are a pain, no?

Oh well, onto themain topic this post. I had a new idea...yay. First of all, I already have two novels in the works (not including edits) so the last thing I need is another idea.

I'm going to start a short story/novella series about a private detective and her best friend, aka. Erica and Tyler.

I already love these two, and I haven't written much of them! Tyler is a chicken by all accounts, and Erica is just one of those people who doesn't care what everyone else thinks. She's also an excellent private detective in her spare time.(Her theme song would be Just the Way I Am, by Skye Sweetnam)

Erica is eighteen and Tyler is nineteen, both recent graduates of high school. I'll post a picture of them once I finish drawing and coloring's a new style I've never drawn in before so I'm curious as to how it shall turn out.

Now I'm off to complete my requirements for a writing site I'm on. Adios!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Told You So!

I have issues with blogging....Gr.

Ok, So I just came back from watching Sherlock Holmes, which is very good, by the way. Holmes and Watson were very true to character, and there were plenty of usual. On the even brighter side, it was set up PERFECTLY for a sequel...which I can't wait to see.

On the down side, the preview for Ironman 2 doesn't look good. At all. It's reminding me of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which I didn't like. I still haven't seen Avatar, even though everyone's been raving about how amazing it is. I'm not one for tree-hugger movies, so I'll probably pass until it comes out onto DVD. It's too long to sit through anyways.

I can't wait for Percy Jackson and the Olympians to come out!
My friend and I also plan on seeing The Bounty Hunter....she said it looks like something I would write! I kind of agree...

So, I'm off to write more- a fight scene that I was interrupted in the midst of beginning to go watch Sherlock Holmes. Oh well, it was worth it.

Until next time, my dear Watson.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Amber...and more WIPs

So, second blog post- we're on a roll! I noticed a lot of typos in the last post, but I was too lazy to fix them. My bad.

I'm not really sure what to talk about, so I'll just say that I LOVE THE TEMPLATE! I don't know why, I just do. Oh, and I made a new avatar. I'll probably do a better one some other time, but oh well.

I stayed up pretty late writing last night...and I don't want to poste more about my characters until I can put a proper profile on some of them, but oh well.

Currently, one of my favorite characters is named Amber, a short mechanic with a shocking personality. Seriously, shocking. She's half fairy with the ability to manipulate pink energy, sort of an electricity element thing. The WIP she belongs to is the Halfing Chronicles. She's the main character, go figure. She has large pink eyes, blonde pixie cut, and skin that isn't pale but looks like she doesn't tan a ton.

But for now I'm going to go work on the other unnamed WIP with my all time favorite character that I've been working on since third grade.


Sunday, December 13, 2009


Well, I'm never good about blogging, so I don't expect this one to go on forever. Or for a week. If it lasts a month we're probably good.

So, for intro, I'm blogging as an author this time. I may post short stories, scenes, or character descriptions, but the point is to speak out that I EXSIST! I have some people interested in reading my stories, but I desperately wished to be published one day. It will be my New Year's Resolution to get closer to becoming published, and I try not to reveal any of my storylines completely, but I figured out one that won't go anywhere that I can publish online.

About me:

I just turned fifteen, I've won Nanowrimo twice, almost finished editing the first one, have two WIPs, and right now I'm eating Oreos and drinking Orange soda...which don't go too well together.

So, yeah. I'll probably introduce you to some of the leading characters later but now I'm going to go write. More.

Talk to y'all later!