Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Houston, we have....Animation in America?

Wait, no we don't.

It's true. Animation in America (Try saying that five times fast!) is beginning to go down the drain. With countries like Japan (I mean, come on, who can compete with that stuff?) taking over the market, American animation of any kind is taking a backseat to liveaction.

Maybe it's time to learn a lesson or two from another country film-wise.

Our animation has begun to suck. You heard me.

I mean, ever since Mulan (I am proud to have been alive for the release of that movie) traditional animation has been terrible. (We aren't counting computer animation, since that's kinda taking off.) I mean, what happened to The Lion King? Ever since the 90s, Disney has once again entered the dark ages of animation. (They've entered them before- the Black Cauldron wasn't the biggest hit on the block ya know.)

And the Princess and the Frog? From what I've heard, it was a joke: a lame, sad joke. I'll make that judgement when I get the chance to finally see it. Anyone know where I can find it online?

And channels like Cartoon Network? Not even worthy of the name. What happened to Toon Disney?! Seriously, Disney XD? For skaters? Disney, you've got to be kidding me! Skaters wouldn't be found NEAR that network in the first place? (Then you commited a cardinal sin and bought Naruto Shippuden. I don't even LIKE that anime and I'm mad at you.)

The littlest Jonas brother needs to stay away from voice acting. FAR away. Don't ruin it for the rest of the REAL otakus!

Ok, this rant has gotten a little off-track. All in all, Hollywood, make a good animated movie. Because right now, your target group must be A LOT smaller than you think.

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