Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm back!!!!

And I have a new layout! (Thanks!!!) How's that for unashamed, unpaid advertising? Not to shabby, eh?

I know it's not my normal style for a blog, but I figured I'd try something new- plus I really like it!

So I've been working on other blogs as well, so I've been just a liiiittle busy. To see my awesomesauce design compiling (That should so be a job title.) go to (Which you can now FOLLOW! WOOT! What a concept.) and The latter is not my own blog, it is my mother's. She's selling really awesomely cute craft supplies, so check it out! Not that she's blogged anything yet- just set up the layout this morning! So yeah, go check it out anyways!

The Austin Teen Book Fair is coming up soon, and you wouldn't BELIEVE how excited I am. Why? The list of authors just changed.

ALLY CARTER IS GOING! I repeat: ALLY CARTER! Author of Heist Society...only the BEST teen book EVER! (Because Artemis Fowl really isn't meant for teenagers- it's meant for middle school boys. What does that say about my personality? Hmm...)

And I got the book for another author (Catherine Jinks) who's going, which looks evilly awesome. (Evil Genius- no, that's literally the title.)

And I have to finished the manga I borrowed from my friend. And the Harry Potter book I'm borrowing from another friend. With that, we've realized that THIS author has to go do a lot of reading from OTHER authors. Awesome...books. Maybe I have an addiction, maybe I don't. Heh.

Talk to y'all soon!

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