Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Heist

What's sad is I came up with an awesome subject and title yesterday. Oh well....You win some, you lose some.

Well, for now I'm focusing on my one story, All I Live For, on Inkpop, but I might edit and post my first finished novel sometime in the future. It remains poorly named at Beautiful Ashes, which would fool ANYONE reading it.

What it's really about is a group of high tech thieves pulling a heist on Fort Knox. They're some of the best characters I've ever written, but the storyline could use some work. My favorite character is Tristan, the genius son of a mafia boss who orchestrated the whole thing. He's sort of the antihero/bad guy/undecided. Either way, he's awesome.

The main character is Missy, a rancher's daughter who received several bionic replacements after an accident she shouldn't have lived through.

And then there's Alyssa. There is no way to describe Alyssa. Alyssa is just...Alyssa. That weird Italian woman who plays supermodel by day and daredevil thief by night. I swear, she could steal the Eiffel Tower.

And Ian, the real life Superman. Technology gave him the ability to summon adrenaline at any time he wants, so he's super strong. (And soon shares a special friendship with Missy, since he's easygoing and she...can be a real jerk XD)

There are seven characters in total, playing the roles of:
-Mastermind (Tristan)
-Novice in Training (Missy)
-Thief (Alyssa)
-Security Specialist
-The muscle (Ian)

And then there's Tristan's dad, but he only plays the part of supplying the goods to break in. Marcus has what, five lines through the entire unedited story? (If that many...) Put together with his trusty, unnamed body guards, he makes one whole character though.

And I can honestly say, though there are many heist stories out there, I've never read one with a bionic woman and a human computer. Oceans 11 can inspire some weird stories.

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