Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Again,no original title. For some reason, they just haven't been coming to me with blog posts.

Well I had my first tennis clinic, and it was SO fun. I loved the coach. I'm still nervous about practice, since the coach is different there. My shoulder is killing me since this is the first time I've ever played, at all. It was kind of fun!(Since sports and I don't get along, thats saying something) Still, my shoulder's been acting up all day, even before the clinic.

I've posted one of my WIPs in this new site, Inkpop. I've gotten so many uplifting comments, I love that place already! I find myself addicted to it.

My friends think I act like Temperance Brennan off of Bones. It's getting crazy.....

Okay, moving on.

Okay, Love you Guys!


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