Saturday, January 30, 2010

Secret Geek

Well, I am a geek, no doubt about it. Or is it a nerd? I get confused about the differences.

Yes, I like anime, but that's a new development.
I've been raised on scifi, and I like it. (So there.)
And I've shocked everyone at one point or another with the fact that, yes, I know who Jean-Luc Picard is. In fact, he's my favorite Star Trek captain!
Oh yeah, I know who Porthos is. Beat that.
(For the record, he's Jonathan Archer's dog.)

I just cored 40% on a "How Geek Are You?" quiz. Why? I can hide the fact that I'm a geek. Okay, to a point. I finally blew my cover at school, after years of secretly loving it. I just don't look like a geek. (I have some measure of fashion sense...just not the same as everyone else. Why? I hate miniskirts. TAKE THAT ROY MUSTANG! Ok, there I go again...)

I have issues embracing my inner geek. Oh well, people still love me. (Geeks and non-geeks alike.) For the most part, anyways. Yes, believe it or not, I have a few people who just can't stand me. =P

So, anyways, those are just my thoughts on geekhood, if they make any sense at all.

Until next time,


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